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Where Did I Leave My . . .

One of the best ways to minimize your chances of getting a ticket is to have all your documents available in the event you get pulled over. Those documents are:

- your driver's license

- the registration to the car you are driving

- your insurance

Drivers who are pulled over are always asked for those three documents. Always. If a driver does not present those documents to an officer asking for them the driver can receive a ticket called, "Failure to Show. . ." I've represented many clients who say, "But I did have my license/registration/insurance on me, it just took some time to find it." That is a violation of "Failure to Show . . ." The idea is that it is dangerous for an officer to be around your vehicle during a stop and you are responsible for having those documents handy.

What to do: very simply have those documents handy at all times. I keep my license and registration in my wallet and the insurance in the glove compartment (or hoagie holder as we call it in my family). Make a habit of always having those documents handy.

Drive Safely.

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